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Russell Hughes Art

'Variations XVII' Unique Data-Inspired Collage

'Variations XVII' Unique Data-Inspired Collage

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A large, colourful, unique handmade framed collage, with collage pieces cut from the artist's own handmade prints.   

This unique handmade collage is from a limited series of work exploring experience of ‘variation’ through data recording and printmaking processes. 

The work uses altitude data during a local walk as a metaphor for the more general idea of variation and experience of change. 

Each circle represents one altitude data point selected at regular intervals from the whole data set. The altitude data changes during the walk depending on the route.

The data is grouped into 5 bands and each band is assigned a colour group – hence the variation in colour within the work gives an indication of the changes in altitude during the walk, but leaves open the question of whether the variations are subtle or pronounced or even whether they are apparent to the walker.

Each circle is cut from a handmade collagraph print. The nature of handmade printmaking means that every circle is unique, even where it looks at first sight a similar colour or pattern. It is a further representation of the idea of variation.        

The data points (circles) are then randomly re-sequenced – this makes the work both totally unique and more generic rather than being about a specific walk or route.

They are then collaged onto a monoprinted background suggesting routes or pathways.

  • Signed by the artist and numbered 1/1 i.e. this collage is unique.  
  • Created in 2023
  • Monoprinted background printed on Fabriano paper
  • Collage pieces cut from handmade prints
  • Cream mount 
  • Wooden frame with glass. 
  • Image size 68x48 cm approx
  • Mount Size 80x60 cm
  • Frame size (outer) 84x64 cm



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