Collection: Collecting Fragments of Space

Large, colourful digital prints each including reproductions of 25 original screenprints.

About this work 

This body of work is based on five walks in Leeds Millennium Square during various public events (festivals, concerts) in 2018. Each walk followed a similar route around and across the Square. However, each event creates different areas where the space is no longer accessible to the public, a disruption to public space. Each walk was tracked using GPS data, and the resulting patterns created by the walks were used to create two series of screenprints and some 3D work.

Initially, a series of large screenprints was produced to show the changing routes of the walks. They are map-like and present a visual representation of how access to the space is changing. The printing screens were then used in a more intuitive way, exploring variations in colours, patterns, and complexity of layering, to create over 100 small abstract prints. I think of these as fragments of space and time. These prints have been produced intuitively, exploring variations in colours, patterns, and complexity of layering

These small prints have been grouped and combined into four 'Collections'.