Collection: Language of Addiction I

This Collection includes five handmade limited edition collagraph prints, printed in two different colourways. 

My work typically emerges from a process of analysing spaces from multiple viewpoints, e.g. by observation and recording, creating data by tracking walks or measurements, and by researching the wider contexts of spaces.

My current project applies this approach to Climate. Instead of looking at the effects or consequences of climate change, which at times still seem remote, I have been looking at spaces which connect our everyday lives to global issues such as climate change. This currently focuses on car showrooms and road systems, i.e. local, everyday, familiar spaces which are also strong signifiers of fossil fuel addiction and hence of climate change. These spaces are also architecturally and visually very distinct.

I intend this process of connecting the local to the global to lead to regular series of work, probably mostly in prints. I want the work to extend the level of connection we make between our daily lives and the forces affecting climate change.

The current series of prints reference the visual language of these spaces, hence the '(Visual) Language of (Fossil Fuel) Addiction'.

Image shows Language of Addiction series of prints on display in 'The Potential of Pattern' at Sunny Bank Mills, Farsley, Leeds in Autumn 2020.