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Russell Hughes Art

Permutations I (4 Colour Screenprint)

Permutations I (4 Colour Screenprint)

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This 4 colour screenprint is part of my ongoing work exploring Interior Spaces.

Limited edition - number 5 out of 100

Size 63.5 x 48.5cm

Snowden Cartridge paper

The work is based on an analysis of physical or mathematical space, achieved by building up an architectural data set (measurements of surfaces in a room) which was then turned into charts in a spreadsheet.

The process is highly deconstructive in separating the spatial characteristics (the measurements) from physical form.

This was emphasised by the reconstruction process whereby measurements were both recombined with specific physical materials in an abstract composition and used to explore ideas of randomness in printmaking. Measuring contributes to physically and mathematically ‘knowing’.  

The creation of small data sets is intended as a record of a personal physical engagement with the subject. In this case I have physically touched/measured all these surfaces which contributes to me ‘knowing’ the space, primarily quantitatively but also qualitatively as it involves being physically close to many parts of the space which would otherwise not be visited in this way. It also results in observing shapes and textures which form the space, but which often remain unnoticed. 

The data produced by measuring the room was analysed in a spreadsheet and reduced to twenty-two unique measurements, describing the mathematical properties of the room. In this case the data set has been randomly re-ordered to create multiple permutations. These measurements were analysed in a spreadsheet and charted using the MS Excel charting tools.  

These random permutations are emphasised visually in this  4 colour handmade screenprint. 

The physical environment is translated into a language of dimensions and visual elements.




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