Studio Practice - 'Texture & Light'

Studio Practice - 'Texture & Light'

In recent articles I have written about data and research as the basis for much of my work, for example the ‘Variations’ series featured last month. My ‘Texture & Light’ collagraph print emerges from a different starting point.

This series of work has come out of studio practice or experimentation with materials. In this case I was trying materials such as textiles that hold a lot of ink and give very dark tones when printed. They can also give very interesting textural marks particularly from loose threads or fraying edges.

After a few experiments I found that partially covering the textiles with metal tape gave some attractive contrasts between light and dark areas. I found however that inking the textile held too much ink resulting in the first print being too dark. However, lifting a second print (a ‘ghost’ print) either from the first print or from the plate produced a much more attractive effect, with balanced areas of light and dark and allowed the print to capture much more of the texture from the materials on the plate.

I also added a second layer of translucent geometric shapes (in pink) which give some colour contrast and pick out some of the interesting marks in the first layer.

I was surprised how this spontaneous process of experimentation developed into a finished print that I really like. To view more images of this print, click here.

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