5 Walks in Millennium Square - Fluidity of Space

Large (A1) screenprints. Either 3 or 4 layers. Base layer is taken from maps of the Square, basically the shape of the Square as defined by the surrounding architecture or roads. The second layer is taken from the GPS pattern of my walk in the square in March 2018, when no events were taking place, so possible to do a very structured walk in a grid pattern through the square. The third and fourth layers are based on GPS data from attempting the same walk whilst an event was taking place in the Square. The overall combination of layers represents a picture of how the availability of the space is changed by these events, or how the space has been appropriated, as evidenced by my own physical engagement with the space through walking. 

The Fluidity of Public Space - Vaisakhi Festival April 2018


The Fluidity of Public Space - Food Festival, May 2018


The Fluidity of Public Space - International Festival, April 2018


The Fluidity of Public Space - Concert, May 2018