Day 2 of The York Printmakers Virtual Print Fair is about favourite printmaking techniques.

I usually prefer to work with Collagraphs, a versatile, easily accessible printmaking method with lots of creative possibilities.


The process involves creating a printing plate using a piece of mountboard and cutting marks into the top layer and/or gluing materials to the plate to create different levels and textures. The plate is inked and wiped before printing on a press onto damp paper. Each mark or change in level or texture in the plate will hold ink in different ways, creating variations of colour and tone in the finished print.

York Printmakers Virtual Print Fair - over the two weeks of the Fair the York Printmakers will be posting about our work and inspirations - we hope that you will follow along on @yorkprintmakers and #yorkprintmakers, to get to know us better and see the range of skills within the group. Enjoy the "show".

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