Chi Se N’è Andato (Those who have gone)

Chi Se N’è Andato (Those who have gone)

Artists' House, Canale di Tenno

During a short residency in Canale di Tenno I became interested in the abandonment of the village after World War II as many of the inhabitants migrated, often overseas, to find work. Although the village has been restored and reoccupied, in many ways it still felt to me like a thin veneer of life on largely empty stone structures rather than a re-birth of a community. 

Our learning experiences about the strength of local co-operative networks and the open and engaging nature of the people we met only served to emphasise how much has been lost from this village. This led me to think more deeply about the human impact of migration, on those that leave, but also on those that stay.

Installation, Canale di Tenno

My work in this exhibition comprises made and found objects and a series of prints, intended to prompt thoughts about the experience of migration and separation.

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