5 Walks in Millennium Square - Fragments of Space

5 Walks in Millennium Square - Fragments of Space

 The large screenprints (see separate post) show the patterns of movement in and around the Square during public events. In each case the pattern varies according to the specific use of the Square and the areas that become inaccessible to the public. These prints are ‘map-like’ in nature and reflect the process of walking, gathering data and presenting a visual representation of how access to the space is changing. 

The patterns of movement in the Square have also been deconstructed into over 100 individual abstract fragments of space and movement, captured individually in small screenprints.

Fragments of Space, A5 screenprints


These prints have been produced intuitively, exploring variations in colours, patterns, and complexity of layering. They are a further development of the process-based work, rather than a documentation of the process itself, but still emphasising the complexity of each point in space and of the forces shaping that space. 


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