What questions should I ask about Prints?

I think its fair to say most artists and printmakers are very happy to discuss their work - a big part of a good print fair is the buzz of conversation between enthusiastic visitors and the printmakers proudly showing their work.

Personally I am delighted if someone shows interest in my work and wants to know more about it, they don't have to buy anything (although it's very nice if they do!). 

Sometimes though I think people can be a bit intimidated about starting a discussion or frightened of asking a 'stupid' question about the work, particularly if the work is more abstract rather than e.g. a landscape.

The good news is I genuinely believe there is no such thing as a stupid question. Seven years ago I knew nothing about printmaking - now I know a good bit more and I've found the best way to learn is to ask. 

If you do need a conversation starter when looking at prints that catch your eye, here's a few suggestions:

  • How do you make your prints?
  • Can you...... 

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As I do more print fairs and chat to more people about my work and printmaking in general I'm reminded how enthusiastic many people are and how eager they are to understand more.

This has spurred me into action and I have written an e-book 'Prints and Printmaking - a Guide for Buyers and Collectors', covering What is Printmaking?, Types of Printmaking, Original or Reproduction?, Editions, Framing, Pricng and What to Ask a Printmaker.

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